Zoom on Linux has a habit of crashing immediately on startup, particularly after an upgrade. We can see the logs for it in ~/.zoom/logs:

$ ~/.zoom/logs: ls
total 284
-rw------- 1 frozenfoxx frozenfoxx 4722008 Apr  2  2022 crash_5.6.1918.0420_box_2022-0402-211414.dmp
-rw-rw-r-- 1 frozenfoxx frozenfoxx 4353378 May 12 19:45 zoom_stdout_stderr.log

Looking in the zoom_stdout_stderr.log we will likely find a message similar to the following, complaining about the GPU:

[0510/293745.1923229:FATAL:gpu_data_manager_impl_private.cc(414)] GPU process isn't usable. Goodbye. zoom

Zoom’s sandboxing for the application is preventing access to the GPU and thus it crashes. So what do we do about it? While attempting reinstallation or an older version is certainly a viable approach I haven’t found it helps much. Instead, disabling the sandboxing seems to function best for all the peril that may bring.

First, test if the following works:

$ zoom --disable-gpu-sandbox

If Zoom fires up and you’d like to keep this behavior, modify the .desktop file to make it permanent:


Exec=/usr/bin/zoom --disable-gpu-sandbox %U

Save the file, relaunch Zoom.