With some extra development time Arganium is now at version 1.2. This version brings at last “finish scripting” to the project, something I’ve been very excited about for a long time. Finish Scripting is a script that can be automatically run at the conclusion of a game of Arganium. The Gloom server will supply some options to it but they are not necessary to use. An example webserver that displays an HTML file has been supplied under the /scripts directory with more to follow soon. Finish Scripting can be specified during setup where all that is required is a simple path to the script you wish to have run. If you don’t want one, it’s not required.

This is awesome since between the input YAML and a finish script you can easily chain Arganium into other challenges as part of a CTF. You could for instance dynamically generate a YAML file to use as input for Arganium, then have it fire off a script that creates another server at its conclusion, perhaps after a team has scored a particular amount.

With that, happy holidays everybody.