Good news everyone, the wiki has just acquired another page! This one deals with GitLab, primarily the installation of it. As noted on the page most of the instructions are straight from the gitlab-recipes (seriously, thanks so much for those) but they’ve been tweaked in places and a few samples have been provided (such as Microsoft Active Directory configuration!). I’ve also added a troubleshooting section at the bottom with a couple of gotchas for this version of GitLab. I’ll have a look next time I set up a GitLab server at expanding the directions to including Debian-based distributions as well but at this time they’ve been tried-and-tested on CentOS 6 without issue.

GitLab is a truly awesome repository manager. Effectively it’s GitHub but privately hosted which is definitely very nice. While a little bit of a pain to get configured at first once it’s up it’s CRAZY fast and provides very, very easy management of multiple repos via the graphical interface. It also comes packed with features like putting comments near lines of code as well as live code editing and repository/trust management. Highly recommended.